Utility Shutoff

For utilities, there are generally two places you can turn off service whether it be natural gas, propane (home storage tank), water, or electricity.  The preferred place to shutoff service is at the meter external to the house.


Gas can be turned off with either pliers, an adjustable (Cresent) wrench, or a special tool designed for this purpose.




Many homes have large propane tanks that provide gas.  They are often hidden from plain sight.  Look behind houses, garages, screening fences, etc.




Electrical service disconnect is often located next to the power meter.  The power meter is usually attached to an outside wall on the house or garage.  If there are above-ground power lines, follow the supply lines to the house.  Many neighborhoods have underground power in which case you’ll have to search.




Water service to a house is often underground and can be hard to find.  If it is safe to enter the building, electricity has been turned off, the best place to turn water off is where it enters the house.  Below are the two types of valve commonly used for a building’s water supply.