Triage in a Disaster Environment

  1. Stop, Look, Listen, and Think!  Put on your personal protective equipment!  Size up the situation.  Look around you (don’t forget to look up!), listen, and smell. Think before you act!  Continue to size up the situation as you work.
  2. Conduct Voice Triage.  Call out before entering a dangerous situation.  “I’m from the Emergency Response Team.  If you can walk, come to the sound of my voice.”  Instruct ambulatory survivors to a designated staging location and continue the triage operation.
  3. Follow a Systematic Route.  Start with the closest victims and work outward in a systematic fashion.
  4. Conduct Triage Evaluation.  Evaluate the victims and tag them according to the instructions located below.
  5. Treat “RED” Victims Immediately!  Remember the ABCs of First Aid?  A-airway, B-breathing, C-circulation (bleeding).  Then treat for shock.
  6. Document Results.  See instructions on triage tag below.