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These are the Man-made disasters in the Gorge that are most likely:

  • Railway – There is a train through the Gorge approximately every 30 minutes.  Train wrecks involving hazardous chemicals, fires, or passenger injury.train_wreck
  • Highway – There are thousands of trucks traveling through the Gorge every day.  Many of these trucks carry hazardous materials.Photo by Anthony Dake   A truck hauling potentially hazardous materials wrecked on Interstate 75 Monday. The accident created heavy traffic through Athens.
  • Waterway– Many barges travel up and down the Columbia River.  Some carry hazardous materials.  There is also the potential for barge/bridge accidents.barge_bridge_wreck


Storms and other weather events are the most common natural threat we need to be prepared for in the Gorge.

  • Snow and ice storms
  • Heavy rain
  • Thunderstorms
  • High winds


Summer through fall is wildfire season.  We have many resources available in Skamania County to help us prepare:

  • Underwood Conservation District has programs to help analyze your property for fire danger and to help get rid of possible wildfire fuel through a free chipping service.
  • Inciweb is a multi-agency website for information about current wildfires.
  • The National Weather Service (NWC) Portland gives us warnings when we have elevated risk of wildfire.  Warnings are given by the fire weather zone you are in. Skamania County is fire weather zone 660.


An earthquake caused by the Cascadia Subduction Zone (CSZ) is the most significant disaster that we face in Skamania County.  Below are some links to provide more information: