Most volunteer organizations do not “self activate” – that is determine if they should form a response to an emergency/disaster.  CERT is different.  If CERT is needed to activate, it is a good assumption that there will not be adequate communication from authorities to activate CERT.

In the event of a major disaster, CERT members will follow their operations plan briefly outlined below:

  1. Make sure that they and their families are taken care of first.
  2. Check their local neighborhood, rallying as many CERT members as possible (either by phone or in person) to make a quick evaluation of their neighborhood.
  3. In conjunction with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), make contact with the ARES Emergency Coordinator to provide a status of casualties and damage.
  4. Perform triage on casualties.
  5. Perform first aid as necessary.
  6. Communicate status to ARES Emergency Coordinator.
  7. Perform light search and rescue as required.
  8. Repeat until relieved by county emergency response personnel.