CEMNET & WA Region 4 EOC-EOC Net

Each Tuesday morning, there are two nets at the EOC.  The first is CEMNET that begins at approximately 0905.  Following CEMNET is the Region 4 EOC-EOC net on the 1.25 meter band at 0920.  NCS for the Region 4 net (Skamania, Wakiakum, Clark, and Cowlitz counties) rotates so that we are responsible for NCS on the third Tuesday of every month.  Please email the net report when we have NCS to the EC.  Log results of both nets in the EOC Radio Room Log Book.

The script for Region 4 EOC-EOC net is here.  There is a log book in the radio room.  Please note if contact was made and if there were any issues.

We need volunteers to participate in the nets from the EOC on Tuesday mornings.  ARES and EOC staff should feel free to come in for training as net control operator on any Tuesday!   Here’s the current schedule:

  Date                Operator
Sep 3               Kevin KE7IN
Sep 10              Mary Ann KI7ACK
Sep 17              Ole KI7MBR
Sep 24              John K7JPX

Oct 1               Kevin KE7IN
Oct 8               John K7JPX
Oct 15              Jon KJ7ARP
Oct 22              Mary Ann KI7ACK
Oct 29              Ann KF7NWM

Nov 5               Kevin KE7IN
Nov 12              John K7JPX
Nov 19              Ole KI7MBR
Nov 26              Ole KI7MBR

RED – Skamania County is Net Control.  Email net report to Kevin, KE7IN.