2019 Training

Below list the dates and subjects for 2019 Training.  Normal training begins at 0930 in the EOC.  5th Saturday Exercises and the Fall SET begin at 0900 at the EOC.

Date Topic
2/5/2019 FLDIGI on VHF
3/5/2019 What is MARS and how can ARES learn from it?
3/30/2019 5th Saturday EOC-EOC Exercise
4/2/2019 Soldering and J-pole 2 meter antenna construction
5/7/2019 Radio station backup power
6/4/2019 Basic antenna theory and EZNEC software
6/29/2019 5th Saturday EOC-EOC Exercise
7/2/2019 Net control training
8/6/2019 CHIRP software for radio programming
8/31/2019 Three Corner Rock PCT Run – Public service event
9/3/2019 Three Corner Rock PCT Run hot wash
10/1/2019 FCC Rules for 2m/70cm operation
11/5/2019 Digital multimeter use
12/3/2019 ARES Field Guide Review