2018 Training

Below list the dates and subjects for 2018 Training.  Normal training begins at 0930 in the EOC.  5th Saturday Exercises and the Fall SET begin at 0900 at the EOC.

Date Topic
1.2.2018 Developing SCARES Communications Plan
2.6.2018 Finalize SCARES Comms Plan
3.6.2018 Exercise planning training on SCARES Comm Plan
3.31.2018 5th Saturday Exercise – Rapid Needs Assessment/ISNAP forms
4.2.2018 Tabletop exercise – SCARES Comms Plan
5.1.2018 FLDIGI on VHF
6.4.2018 EOC HF antenna repair/testing
6.30.2018 Winmor Winlink communications
7.2.2018 Go Kit
8.6.2018 Digital multimeters and RF power meters
9.1.2018 Bunker-to-Bonneville Run- distributed remote simplex VHF communications
9.4.2018 B2B Hot Wash
9.29.2018 5th Saturday Exercise – HF field operations with NVIS antennas
10.2.2018 ICS forms
11.6.2018 RF and power connectors
12.4.2018 Antenna analyzers
12.29.2018 5th Saturday Exercise – Test digital comms between members QTH and EOC